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Zero: The biography of a dangerous idea

February 11, 2020


Ever wondered how numbers came to be in the first place? What could possibly be so deep about a number that expresses void, infinity? 

This book is loaded with fascinating fact about the beginnings of the philosophy of the void itself. The most engrossing part of the book is the controversy zero has initiated in mathematics and religion, for it is a number we mostly disregard in our daily lives.

The author brought up the calendar system issue on how the year starts with zero instead on one. many historical facts were included which I consider them to be the philosophical foundations of zero. 

The author included a tremendous amount of mathematical and physical examples. He drove into time travel, the Big Bang theory, star measurements, the expansion of the universe, the nothingness property of space.


February 20, 2020

This book is beautiful, highly emotive and relevant. I am aware that turning your pains and losses into words is not the easiest process to undergo. The lines speak of what most experience bu havent had the courage nor the words to express. This contributes to the book going viral amongst youngsters. Another factor could be the fact that the “poems” are intragram-like quotes which all of us millennials can relate to. 

However, the lines are poetically written, but to my humble opinion, sound very basic from a poetic standpoint. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some very good poems within the book. The Author’s free verse usage is not an excuse to not begin a sentence with a capital letter, nor to use comas when there should have been a period point. This makes me wonder what element imposes the return to line option at point A instead of point B. For instance 

“you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made 

all other loves seem 


After some thought, I came to realize that perhaps it is the emotion, the order and sequence of the ideas themselves. 

Overall I think this book is not to be understood or criticized, but only to be read with emotions.


Milk and Honey

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