Quidditch Pre-christmas Book Box

Quidditch Pre-christmas Book Box


Ideal as a gift to your loved ones, or simply to yourself :) 


The Harry Potter pre-christmas book box contains 10 items: 

1 Quidditch through the ages book 

1 Hogwarts Puzzle 

1 Harry Potter Mug 

1 Harry Potter snow globe 

1 Platform 9 3/4 ticket 

1 Harry Potter Gadget Decals, phone, ipad and laptop 25 stickers 

1 Quidditch at Hogwarts kit

1 Hogwarts collector's 1000 Puzzle 

1 Hogwarts playing cards 

1 Harry Potter supplies list 

+ 1 Harry Potter Chocolate frog and collectible card inside each box :)


All items are authentic and are certified by Warner Bros and the Wizarding World.

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