Moderate consumption, please.

Inhuman pandemic?

Hundreds of families cannot afford weekly grocery shopping trips. Instead, they opt for a monthly option. The more privileged take advantage of the stocks available on markets aisles: collective wiping performances is the new hit thing. I have noticed recently on social media pictures of empty supermarkets racks. Even worse, people being filmed fighting over a pack of tissue paper because some individuals felt superior enough to get their trollies filled up with one item, which will then be scarce to others. Is it the apocalypse yet?

Please, consider the unprivileged. You do certainly not need 50 packs of toilet papers nor 500 kg of flour bags. Let’s drop the selfishness for a while because there isn’t a more destructive way for the economy other than the consumers freaking out and making supply and demand suddenly volatile.

Don’t change your buying habits, and most importantly, don’t force others into changing theirs by participating in such an inhuman behavior.

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