Bookfull ecstasy

As I set foot in the entryway of my residence, I feel my heart palpitating of delight.

At a distance from my gaze lies a resplendent wooden shelf carrying the weight of a plethora of volumes. I saunter into my bedroom with elation, fixing my eye on a book I had relished last night. The gratifying sensations had revived in my consciousness, reminding me what a blessing it is to be literate. I grasp the book by tight hands, browsing tenderly through its yellowish pages smelling of evocative dust and decaying papers.

“I feel blessed“ I said with a relaxed tone, “i truly am” .

My bodily atoms have synced with the heavens for that while. I could no longer discern my own emitted energy, for that it formed a fusion with the universe. Frequencies which howled of gratitude thronged all corners of my cell. I pondered the question of what a bliss others are missing for them being apathetic about those magical wands. I surmised they would be empty, rather bored to death. The thoughts have summoned another wave of jubilation. I felt it penetrating my body through my skin, relocating its electrons to my atomic entity.

I contemplate my book for a little before devouring its content with depth and passion. Every word pressed with ink will forever dwell within me, drenching in my bloody veins. Of which nature is this bonding? Empyrean? Beatific? Perhaps of a terrestrial source.

“O God, Lord of all, I give you praise and thanks with all my heart for my sight and consciousness” I murmured “ for you are alone worthy of all”.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

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