A tumor living in the purest of brains

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I will never stop discoursing about gratitude. The little things that I used to take for granted but now add glitter sprinkles to my day.

I have finished reading an arabic novel, heading to bed while browsing through my email account and checking youtube content for some late night entertainment. A notification suddenly popped out onto my feed, only to be a message from a dear friend of mine.

I was greeted with rapturous words and beatific descriptions. Holding tears inside my lustrous eyes was of a laborious nature. I then reminded myself that blessings come in discerned ways; my friend's presence in my life was one of millions out there. The gratitude came through her chasmic sentences which made me aware of a non-consensual influence of mine. Even happier, knowingly of the hearts I touch, as purest as hers. I, myself get enlightened through her tumor fight journey. I haven't encountered much people in this vast world who carried the same courageous soul of hers. Her belligerent fight against the disease for almost 7 years is a story to be shared with everyone, which I will someday.

I thought of exposing her joyful message in my blog, for that it may make your day delighted as mine.

Ghita Bensaber Ghandi - 1:25 AM - Intagram Message;

To be read when you are available

My message can be long but I owe you these few words my Imane.

Reading, writing and knowlege generally are three essential things for me since I became aware of my existence. I have never spent a day without writing even a simple quote on a lost piece of paper.

God wanted me to be cancerous in 2013 and later in late 2017 I discovered that I had amnesia too. It upset me and I started to write down everything I did not want to forget as memories or information and especially what I had learned during my few years lived. Now sometimes I wake up in forgetting certain things like the death of my father, what happened the day before etc and when I am corrected the ideas I live the same feeling that I had during the very 1st time when I experienced the thing.

[You are probably wondering why I am telling you this but please continue reading and you will know that it is for a good cause]

These two monstrous diseases have strengthened my relationship with books and knowledge but there is also a person who inspires me and who reminds me of myself when I was healthy, fresh and with my own business that I I gave up because I couldn't manage anything anymore. This person I'm talking to you about is the first one I look for when I open my social networks, even when I was in the clinic or when I was in therapy.

This person gives me the impression of doing for myself all the things I did before my tumor became severe almost 2 years ago while waiting to win the fight to be able to do them by myself. She makes me dream, transports me through her writings and the recommendations of the books she shares in a world I love, which calms me when I am powerless.

This person is you, my dear friend Imane. I thank you a thousand times for this unwavering support that you bring to me without even being aware of it.

Know that I am so grateful to you and I do not fail to light a candle to pray that you will always be as inspiring and brilliant.

I love you ❤

Thank you for making my days better, may your soul and body be heavenly cleansed and godly touched. May you live a happy long life full of joy and delight.

My dearest friend, Ghita.

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